Bodegas Latúe

In Bodegas Latúe, which was founded in 1954,  the founding spirit is still latent.Entrepreneurs...
In Bodegas Latúe, which was founded in 1954,  the founding spirit is still latent.

Entrepreneurship, ecology, sustainability, social responsibility, quality and innovation define the personality of Bodegas Latúe, in an environment where equal opportunities and social roots are always present.

Since its constitution in 1954 as Cooperativa San Isidro, the legacy of the 131 founding families from Villanueva de Alcardete is still present, consolidating Bodegas Latúe as the economic and social engine of the municipality. All this thanks to the effort, commitment and dedication generation after generation.

Nearly 450 families descendants of the founding members, represented by 630 partners with an average age of 55 years and an average farm size of 7 hectares, constitute the soul of Bodegas Latúe.

The working team of Bodegas Latúe, together with the partners, share work, effort and enthusiasm in the success of the winery, forming a big family, the Latúe Family.

Tradition | Generation after generation searching for excellence in each of our wines.

Soul | Passion, effort and dedication to constitute Latúe soul.

| Commitment to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the environment.

Quality | Quality and food safety as basic pillars of Latúe's identity. Certified IFS Food since 2010

Organic and Vegan Wines. Still Wines, Frizzantes, Traditional Method sparkling wines, Charmat Method sparkling wines, Sangría, Bag in Box, Keykeg, High Quality Bulk Wines 100% ready for bottling at destination.
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Bodegas Latúe

Camino de la Esperilla, Villanueva de Alcardete, 45810, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, España

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