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In January 2008 we started to work in organic agriculture, a time of great doubts and difficulties,...
In January 2008 we started to work in organic agriculture, a time of great doubts and difficulties, but step by step we consolidated and gave meaning to our illusion.
In November 2014 we started the training for Biodynamic Agriculture, where we gained the knowledge of the knowling of its founder Rudolf Steiner, who in June 1924 gave 8 master classes that served to give a great impulse to the agriculture of that time, reaching our days and that will continue to be valid in the future.
On the basis of Steiner, a distinction can be made between conventional and organic agriculture. In 1924, farmers in Central Europe had already noticed that the new synthetic fertilisers, despite their spectacular effect, were not good for sustainability and good food.
Steiner, who had great knowledge of biology, astronomy, mathematics and philosophy, synthesised all his knowledge and made it available to everyone and bequeathed to us the 8 lessons on agriculture that will serve to make humanity's food supply sustainable beyond 2050 in all certainty, because we will have enough food with more nutritional properties, which will improve people's health in the medium and long term.
At BIOSÓCRATES, we are currently working to make our crops available to people so that they can enjoy food with the maximum possible properties in macro and micronutrients as well as trace elements, which provide us with cultivated soils that are full of microorganisms, where the formation of bacteria begins, which will make up our micro biota, whose objective is to boost our immune system.
This is the formula of SOCRATES, the full conviction to vivify and give life to the land we cultivate, where we have merged all the agronomic knowledge achieved by man to the extent that it is compatible with biology, which is the only possible way for sustainability and health of people.

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Sócrates Hortícola S.L

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