Degusta Jaén

Liquid Spring Salt in a Spray format


A unique salt in the world due to its origin, from underground deposits of salts and gypsum from the Keupper Sea, from the bowels of the land of Jaén.
The purest salt, for its collection in a liquid state. It contributes to the adequate isotonic balance of the cells.

Decanted by hand in their own heaters.
Special for dressing salads and for the preparation of stews.



Salinas Don Diego

Calle Almería 12. 23100 Mancha Real, Jaén


Salinas Don Diego
  Calle Almería 12. 23100 Mancha Real, Mancha Real, 23100, Jaén, Andalucía, España

Salinas Don Diego is a family business formed by the 5th generation of salineras and salineros dedicated to the production and commercialization of Virgin Spring Salt. His know-how is based on respect for the Ibero-Roman elaboration of Organic Spring Salt. It is differentiated by keeping alive the saline ecosystem typical of the interior salt marshes of the capital of Jaén, by the responsible use of its springs and the maintenance of millenary elaboration methods, thus obtaining a unique salt in the world, sweet and delicate.

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