Pack of 6 Countryside Hen Eggs


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Fresh chicken eggs produced in the country in free spaces where animals' physiological and behavioural needs are met.



Huevos Garrido

Diseminado Diseminados, 1P, 18290, Granada, España


Avícola Garrido García S.L.
  958 99 92 90
  C/ Olivar Trance de Rute. Polígono 2 Parcela 37 Caparacena (Atarfe) Granada [ España ]
Avícola Garrido García, began its journey at the beginning of the 70s in the Poultry Laying sector, marketing under the trademark Huevos Garrido. 
Our goal is to fulfill each and every one of our customers' needs, our range of products include "chicken eggs raised in soil", chicken eggs raised outside cages, "Campero chicken eggs", from chickens that have enough space to meet their physiological and behavioural needs, and “Organic eggs from hens”, that in addition to having plenty of space to themselves, follow a diet based on organic cereals.

Currently, we dispose of fully automated first-class facilities that have stable and quality production processes to guarantee high-standar eggs to be enjoyed by our customers on a daily basis, this is our ultimate goal.

We have IFS Food Certification (International Standard Food). A seal that guarantees the quality and food safety of our product. This ensures international compliance with all legal requirements food products must have.

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Avícola Garrido García S.L.

Pack of 6 Organic Chicken Eggs